About Me

Hi, I’m Emily.

I grew up with 2 brothers and a sister in a subdivision in Lithia, Florida. No one in my family had ever been involved in agriculture. My grandma had property and horses and a garden but that was about it. My sophomore year of high school I signed up for an ag class and thought I would go just try it out.


I did 3 FFA contests, ran for an officer position and showed a cow. Next year it only escalated. 4 contests, coached one of them, won a state title in another, 2 cows, and ran for 2 officer positions at school and for the county. Senior year was the same way and I loved every minute of it. Beyond just the FFA stuff I got involved in some pageants and was the Junior Beef Ambassador for Florida one year.

I’m not trying to brag about myself just trying to explain my passion for the agriculture industry and how those years influenced who I am and why I plan on becoming an ag teacher.

All throughout high school I planned on being a vet until I started college. All my friends from school said I was going to be an Ag teacher but I told them there was no way. So, there I was taking classes and no plan for my future only knowing that I wanted to have a job in the agricultural field. It wasn’t until I was volunteering with a program called Ag Venture and teaching third graders about dairy cows that I knew I wanted to teach.

Watching the faces of these kids light up as they learned from me and told me about all the other things they learned about agriculture that day motivated me to pursue a career that would let me do this for the rest of my life.


It’s Berry Cold!

Its scheduled to freeze here in Florida and you know what that means. Wrap your plants in some old sheets, layer your clothes, and get ready for the endless snapchats featuring the temperature. However, for some it means working through the night to make sure they don’t lose their plants.

In the small town of Plant City, they are well known around the world for their Strawberry Festival which beings in close to half a million visitors every year. Something that’s a little less well known is that itty bitty Plant City is the winter strawberry capital of the world.

Although I didn’t grow up in Plant City, I always enjoyed the small town and in high school I got very involved with the festival. I showed Cows and in 2015 I as a member of the Queens Court and got to spend all 11 days at the festival and learning about the city.

One thing that always peaked my interest was the strawberry farmers and how hard they work. After a few “bad” years of berries due to warm weather this year we’ve experienced some steep drops in temperature. Ive always wonders why this helps the berries and how farmers combat freezing temperatures to keep their crops alive.

I’m hoping to get an interview with a local farmer to get a little more insight. Check back later to see what I find out!